About Me

Ten years ago I took the plunge into a one night stand with a woman after previously identifying as mostly heterosexual. Today I suppose I would be heteroflexible?! Twelve years later we are married, with a house, two sons, two cats, and life is good.

But underneath our happiness lies fear. Pulse happened, then #45 came into office. All of the sudden our peaceful serene life as lesbians was threatened. I couldn’t sit back in silence with my foot half in and half out of the lesbian waters. I am now “out” in my work, and I actually changed jobs in order to better serve the LGBTQ community. But it’s not enough.

I have a voice, and a laptop, so I decided it’s time to tell our story, and show that a lesbian marriage is the same as a straight marriage. We are no different. We have no “Agenda”. My agenda is to raise my sons into good men, love my wife, work hard for a living, and find happiness. So read on, and become educated. And find out that love truly is just love.

Updated January 2, 2020: All the above still stands. The state of our country hasn’t improved for the LGBTQ community. I’m adding my recipes for my PCOS and endometriosis followers as those blogs I write get a lot of feedback. My journey has led me to essentially no gluten no dairy and decreasing sugar if not eliminating. That seems to do best for my symptoms. Enjoy and stay strong!