Ten years ago I took the plunge into a one night stand with a woman. All I wanted was to experience lesbian sex. Well I liked it. She never left, and neither did I. Ten years later we were¬†married, with¬†a house, two sons, two cats, and life was good. Then Orlando happened, then #45 came into office. All of the sudden our peaceful serene life as lesbians was threatened. I couldn’t sit back in silence with my foot half in and half out of the lesbian waters. I am now “out” in my work, and I actually changed jobs in order to better serve the LGBTQ community. But it’s not enough. I have a voice, and a laptop, so I decided it’s time to tell our story, and show that a lesbian marriage is the same as a straight marriage. We are no different. We have no “Agenda”. My agenda is to raise my sons into good men, love my wife, work hard for a living, and find happiness. So read on, and become educated. And find out that love truly is just love.